Thursday, May 6, 2010

Web Wednesday refresh

Last night's Web Wednesday, although there was still plenty of drinking and networking going on, seemed a bit duller than usual. Is now the right time for the MDA to freshen up this monthly industry night?

I am pretty sure the numbers last night were the lowest for Web Wednesday so far this year - was it because there was no drink's sponsor this time? Maybe. But Khairul Syahar from Malaysia Airlines and Ian McKee from Vocanic were scheduled to speak which should have made the event, on paper, more attractive or maybe it didn't - how many of us want to sit and listen to another hard sell?

In the end, I didn't see any presentations being done last night but to be fair I am actually open to the idea of having client marketers on stage at Web Wednesday talking about what digital marketing means to their brands. And then get a conversation going with the audience.

They would have to do it early on in the night though, judging from past disasters, the later you leave it the less chance it gets noticed.

Over to you guys.


Ne0phine said...


Firstly, it's called Digital Wednesday NOT Web Wednesday.

Secondly, Khairul Syahar from Malaysia Airlines and Ian McKee
spoke at the last event.

The primary purpose of Digital Wednesday Wednesday’s is to bring together in one monthly gathering all the relevant players in the digital industry (digital media owners, publishers, media agencies and creative agencies).

We do try to secure speakers for every event but sometimes it's just nice to kick back and simply catch up with people from the industry. Conversation/discussions between ourselves is already showing positives sighs towards industry development.

Your comment about 'past disasters' surprises me because to-date, this event has seen attendance of between 150-200 people and while there is always room for improvement, we have heard good things about this initiative.

While I can appreciate the need to be generate content for your blog (and magazine), I would hope that you take the time to check the facts and report with integrity.


Terence Dorairaj
Malaysian Digital Association

Marcus said...

Thanks for your comment Terence although I am a little surprised how defensive it is. My intention was to just ask whether the MDA needed to freshen things up or not. No worries. This is a blog so feedback is welcome - if not encouraged! I actually like Web Wednesday (Sorry, "Digital Wednesday")...a lot. You're right, it is a great event to kick back with industry folk and catch up.

My comment about past disasters is entirely valid i believe. In the post, I suggested that in the near future speakers should probably present earlier on in the night - I am not sure if you were at the event when Tribal Fusion were presenting some months ago because it was a disaster. Everyone ignored him and carried on chatting.