Monday, April 19, 2010

Life after tobacco advertising

Over the weekend I spotted an interesting post from 'enter the sponsorship dragon' (Ben Flint) which broke down what the repercussions for Indonesia's sponsorship industry are should its Govt go through with a plan to ban tobacco advertising.

It's a topic A+M Bootleg has touched on before here shortly after Malaysia launched its latest anti-smoking effort.

Flint said the ban on tobacco advertising will include sponsorship and accounts for a whopping 62% of sponsorship in Indonesia.

Just some of the sponsorship money that will need replacing includes Djarum's USD4.75 million annual sponsorship of the Indonesian League, Sampoerna's USD5 million of the Indonesian Basketball League, and Djarum's USD250K for the Badminton Open.

Hopefully, the respective leagues mentioned will get the support from non-tobacco brands to keep it commercially successfully - nobody wants to see the Govt take over and run it into the ground (i.e. What happened with our Malaysian Football League after the cigarette money disappeared).

To end, I'd like to link to another industry blog which I sometimes so happen to come across. Saatchi's Andy Greenaway recently created this comic strip to poke fun at the way politicians show their concern about our health regarding cigarettes.

Over to you guys.

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