Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Or not?

We're all familiar with how festive seasons are supposed to be a time for merriment and happiness.
With that in mind, the Asian community, particularly is reminded to reflect on the values of love and respect for family and loved ones.
But can this be taken too far sometimes?
Petronas has been ooh-ed and aah-ed at many times over for its extraordinary, moral-centred TVCs screened on television for all festive seasons.
Leo Burnett's team, led by Yasmin Ahmad have been the working hands behind the inspiring commercials with work like 'Tan Hong Ming in Love' for Malaysia's 50th Independence Day, which has won and continues to bag award after award and last Chinese New Year's 'Nobody's Child' carrying the message of cherishing your family.
It depicts a seven-year-old Tan Tiam Hock, who is scolded by his teacher for not being able to draw a reunion dinner scene in school.
The TVC then shows why he doesn't draw anything when he goes home to an orphanage.
While it is admirable that the Leo Burnett team incorporates values into its work, has it left the Malaysians wondering if there's too much depression?
Here's a look at the 2008 Deepavali ad and then later this year's CNY ad. Have your say below ...

One More Day

Petronas' The Wings of a Man for Deepavali 2008