Thursday, April 1, 2010

The long haul

An advertising agency actually advertising. No, it's not an April Fool's Day joke - I know of at least one agency running an ad in next week's The Edge.

Fresh from helping four clients or brands win awards at the recently concluded Putra Brand Awards, Lowe will run a self-promoting / thank you ad in The Edge.

I expect to see more agencies doing the same.

Not a big deal. But according to Lowe MD, Khairudin Rahim the wins for his clients that night at the Putra Awards (which tracks consumer preference) show why it is important for brands to build longer term relationships with their ad agencies.

In case you were wondering, yes i've purposely skipped the debate on whether advertising actually builds brands - lets save that for another time.

"It is a fact that there is a high correlation of strong brand equity and market leadership being built, once an enlightened advertiser and its agency mutually commits to remain with each other for the long term. We are fortunate that Unilever (49 years), Sara Lee (15 years), Johnson & Johnson (16 years) and Cerebos (4 years) think so too," Rahim said.

"Many Asian or local Advertisers don’t share this opinion," he said.

SIA always comes to my mind as one account which went long term with Batey - perhaps too long term though for both parties.

Over to you guys.

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SP11 aka. Mr. Pertz said...

The Tomorrow Group (Hong Kong and Singapore) actually advertised to secure new accounts. And it worked. It was done via print ads and direct mailers. The campaign was titled "How to create advertising that works". In Hong Kong it was a 3 ad campaign in SCMP.

In both cases the camapign resulted in new accoutns for the agency. In Singapore, The creation of DM-Rocket by The Tomorrow Group was a result of the DM that was sent.