Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl creativity

The New Orleans Saints have beat the Indianapolis Colts to clinch a truly historic Superbowl win for the city which went through so much heartache just five years ago. Which marketers managed to rise to the occasion?

This year there was plenty of slapstick humour coming from the likes of Doritos and while the E*trade spots were still amusing -- talking babies are getting old! Also, the stuff was pretty tame this year.

While the Denny's spots are just funny, the Megan Fox (in a bathtub) ad for Motorola is also worth a mention.

As always you have to remember these ads are mainly for the American football crowd so leave your feminist hat at the door.

You can watch all the ads here.

Here are my favourite five.

Google "Parisian Love"


Doritos slap

FloTV "Jim Nantz"


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