Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beyonce blamed

Another day in Malaysia, and another high profile international artists postpones a concert days before the event is scheduled to go.

This time it was Beyonce’s turn to disappoint – and disappoint she did if we are to believe the official word from organisers who have denied the move was due to the threat of protests by Muslim groups.

Organiser, Marctensia said in a statement yesterday that the postponement was “solely the decision of the artiste and has nothing to do with other external reasons.”

If the name of the organizer sounds familiar it’s because the company also had to deal with Akon’s last minute pull out of a separate event back in June. H1N1 was said to be the culprit.

But speculation was rife the move was due to Chivas being a major sponsor of the event as Malaysia has several rules regarding alcohol and cigarette companies as sponsors.

It also has rules on dress attire and it Beyonce’s “inappropriate dress sense” was the subject of PAS protests.

However, officials said if she adhered to the dress code there would be no issue.
One thing is for certain though. It’s not only the fans who lose out again. The brands, sponsors such as Hotlink and Guess will have to pour cold water on their Beyonce marketing efforts and restart them at a later date (unless the concert does get cancelled).

Worse still, whatever the reasons are this time for the postponement – it still portrays brand Malaysia in a bad light.


Ho Yew Khet said...

Malaysia will forever only be churning out performers up to Siti and Mawi standard if that's all we are going to be allowed to see.

How are we going to raise the bar and inspire the young performers to be better if we are turning away award winning performers!

Reta said...

Beyonce not only postponed Malaysia's dates, but also her Australia ones. I don't think this has got to do with pressure from opposition though.

Marcus said...

Yeah, but that's not going to stop international media from linking the two and mentioning other things like the caning of the Muslim woman who got caught with a beer. My point is *sigh* Malaysia will come out looking bad no matter what the reason for the postponement is.