Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And the hits keep coming

As much as we would like to think there is a full-proof way to create the next internet sensation or YouTube hit - it's just not true.

Meet YouTube's latest star attraction with nearly 600,000 views and over 2600 comments in less than a week. Is it a marketing gimmick? Is it some cleverly shot piece of work done by a YouTube user?


It's footage from an Irish news bulletin showing a man slipping and falling on an icy pavement.

I found the clip hilarious but not as funny as seeing BBC technology reporter Dan Simmons break a mobile phone marketed as "unbreakable" during a LIVE demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Now that's a marketing disaster - although the CEO handled it pretty well. You can watch the clip here.

And since we're on the topic of disasters. I can't help but have a slight dig at Liverpool director (or should I say ex-director now)Tom Hicks Jr who committed the cardinal sin in CRM by telling the customer exactly how he felt and putting it in writing.

Responding to an email enquiry about the state of Liverpool's finances, Hicks Jr wrote back to the supporter (who is a member of the club's supporters' union) telling him to "Blow me f*ck face. I'm sick of you."

Guess he wont be too sick of Liverpool fans anymore now that he's no longer at the club.

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