Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Proximity strategy ...

"Was there? Were there people shaking their heads?" jury head Ronald Ng responded to questions.
It was the tailend of the 30th Kancil Award Festival - at least for the press who stuck around to speak to the agency who scooped up the Golden Kancil as well as the most number of awards at the event at the Sunway Resort and Spa hotel on Friday.
The rest were ready to call it a night or head to the after-party at a smoke-free club next door.
For those who were at the event, please refrain yourself from reading the next two words - BBDO/Proximity Malaysia held the spotlight for almost all the categories that were up for grabs.
The hall howled and cheered everytime the name was mentioned and truth be told, there were indeed a few spotted shaking their heads at 12 Gold, 4 Silver, 11 Bronze and 15 Merit mentions.
Naturally, suspicion would arise from across the board as Ng also happens to be the executive creative director for the agency.
Almost immediately, he said: "The chief judge does not vote, you know?"
And bless him for being honest and there was truth when he quipped: "It would have been great if everyone wins."
"I think they were happy for us ... They were happy," Ng convinces.

Maybe it was strategy that BBDO/Proximity secured that many successes by submitting more entries for the categories.
Perhaps it was really good work as judged upon by the panel of international creatives without having been put pressure or persuaded by Ng.
But really, Ng says and this was affirmed by Creative Director 'MUN', the team broke their backs to gain the recognition.
"It recognises all their efforts ... Staying till 3am and 4am to work on these pieces, it makes it worth it for them," he adds.
Let's face it, it's human nature to take favour on those under your wing but then again, it's the same human nature to play the blame game when all it really is boils down to pure luck and good work.
Que sera sera ... The deal's been done, the certificates and recognition's been given out. There's no point crying over spilt milk, as the saying goes.
Maybe next year the other agencies should learn the trick - more entries and quality work as tipped by the forces that be.
Whatever is said and done, kudos to Ng and BBDO/Proximity general manager and 4As Creative Excellence Committee head Jennifer Chan on the job well done.
The 30th Kancil Awards Festival was an amazing month-long journey with many a lesson on creativity and change but most of all, I think everyone's mostly relieved it's come to the end.

Eds note:
Check out the video below to see the electric atmosphere at the event in general and to see BBDO picking up one of their awards and a few other pics from the night.

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